Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sorry to pour salt in the wounds, but this is too damn funny (From Yahoo! Sports)

Here's what we believe they're saying in the conversation pictured above...


Mike Singletary: Alex, congratulations.

Alex Smith: Coach, we're losing 24-10.

Singletary: Yeah, but that fumble was an all-timer. One of the worst individual plays in pro football history. Not merely bad, but funny-bad. It's your masterpiece.

Smith: Just tryin' to make plays, coach.

Singletary: NFL Films has spliced that thing into every blooper video they've ever produced, right between Pisarcik and Yepremian. Bleacher Report already ranked it on seven different top-10 lists. Todd Collins just texted me to say you're awful.

Smith: (Giggles, then composes self). Sorry, coach, but that Yepremian play is funny as [profane].

(High five)

Singletary: You're out of the game, Alex.

Smith: Coach, we're only down two scores! I can feel one of those binges coming, where I look like a totally legit quarterback for, like, nine minutes of game-time!

Singletary: For real? Because I've got David Carr(notes) standing over there, ready to go.

Smith: Dude, that's like picking between Thing One and Thing Two. You're not serious.

Singletary: (Makes mad face).

Smith: I dare you to put David Carr in this game.

Singletary: (Makes maddest-ever face)

Smith: They just punted, coach. There's still time. I can do this thing!


And you probably know the rest of the story.

Smith enters, briefly looks awesome, throws a pair of TD passes. But then, just when you're starting to believe, he tosses a game-ending interception inside the final minute. He finishes with 309 passing yards, three touchdowns, three turnovers, and his fifth loss in a five-week-old season.

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