Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The New York Hype Train Has Brakes

The Jets and Ravens squared off on Monday night in what most considered would be a low scoring rape fest, littered with big hits and big mouths (Rex Ryan). Most football fans were not disappointed (Except Jets fans). I certainly wasn't. The Jets offense looked terrible and incompetent. They were horrible on third down and played exactly the way I and many many more people thought they would. Shitty.

On the other hand, the Ravens didn't look so hot on offense either, but at least they had some promising passing plays, which leads one to believe good things are on their way for this team. Oh yeah, and they have Ray Lewis, the original conductor of the Rape Train; which as you know, has no breaks. They also got a steal in Houshmanzadeh and Boldin looked good too. The Ravens and Jets are essentially the same team, it's just that Flacco and company look a bit better on the offensive side and they kill people. Anyway, it's nice to the Jets with all their talk, at 0-1 to start the year. Looking ahead they have NE next week and then they go to Miami in week 3 for a Sunday night show down!

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  1. How disappointed were you that the Jets offense looked good on Sunday? I thought the Pats would destroy them, but the NFL is a crazy place right now. The beginning of the season is always confusing.