Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 3 Previews

Each week, hopefully, I will preview some of the key matchups in the NFL. I’m not going to break down all of them mainly because not all matchups are all that interesting. So if I didn’t pick your team don’t be sad; maybe they’ll make the cut next week. Oh, and you can almost guarantee I’ll be previewing the Dolphins each week because I am such a homer. This week I’m only previewing two games due to lack of time. Next week I should be able to deliver the goods.

Notable Sunday early Game: (Yeah I know, who gives a shit? Well, when I started writing this I was going to add 3 more, but then I realized I didn’t have the time. Plus, they are the local team. Sorry Raiders Fans, next week)
sfo  kan

Spread: 49ers-3  KC +3   Over/Under 36.5

This game should be interesting for a few reasons. Firstly, The Chiefs are one of the surprise 2-0 teams to start the year. Their 16-14 win over the Browns wasn’t much of a shocker, but that Monday night win over San Diego turned a few heads, and bounced one of my picks in a Last Man Standing league, assholes. Anyway, The Chiefs run game looks strong with the addition of Thomas Jones and the emergence of Jamaal Charles. If you play fantasy, you already knew about this though. The KC pass attack hasn’t looked all that good and I think that trend continues this week against the 49ers.

Now onto the 49ers, givers of football games. It seems like whenever I watch these guys play, they always find away to lose. Much like the Dolphins in their 1-15 season, or the Lions in their 0-16 season. Now I’m not saying the Niners are as bad as those teams were, but they certainly have that same giveaway mentality and that is disheartening for a potential playoff contender (So we were told, thanks ESPN), and it seems to happen every year since Garcia left this team. The Niners did however, look pretty good against the Saints on Monday night. Frank Gore was all over the field and Alex Smith didn’t look too bad if you can forget about the first quarter. But this team needs to learn how to finish a game without shooting itself in the foot, or genitals.

The 49ers are the better team here despite the 0-2 record. Offensively, they need to do exactly what they did vs. the Saints, run the shit out of the ball. If they do that and A. Smith doesn’t give the ball away, they should handle this Chiefs team. Personally, I just want to see Patrick Willis vs. Chiefs running backs. P. Willis is a monster and should be laying some wood down on these ball carriers. Niners should have the edge in this one, but you never know with these guys.

Sunday Night Game:

nyj       @         mia

Spread:  MIA –1  NYJ+1      Over/Under 36

The Jets and Dolphins never fail to entertain when they go head to head. There have been many memorable games over the years. I’ll focus the recent trends though. The Fins have won 3 straight against the Jets. It has actually been 2 calendar years since the Jets have beaten the Fins (Brett Farve Era), and there is nothing telling me that trend will change come Sunday night.

Both teams are coming off of very impressive wins. The Jets shut down Brady and Co, while the Dolph’s gave ESPN a week’s worth of Farve material by raping him of his youth, or was it more of an exploitation of his age? Either way, both teams looked pretty good last week. Fins fans should be a little concerned in the lack of aggressiveness in their passing game. They have only tried to go deep 3 times in two weeks, showing little confidence in their young QB. I’d like to see them let Henne loose a little bit more; it may even open up the run game. 

A matchup to keep your eye on: Brandon Marshall vs. Antonio Chromartie. These two have met on many occasions while they were both in the AFC West. Marshall has done pretty well against Chromo, but hasn’t had any huge days yet. He did have a monster 18 catch game against the Chargers but only matched up with Chromo times for 5 catches. Since Edwards will be limited due to DWI, it’s hard to say who he’ll be lined up with. It will most likely be Vontae Davis, who has had two great performances so far. So that will be a good one to watch as well. Another thing to watch is how both defensive fronts handle the run game. These teams are very similar in the way that they love to pound the ball, among other things. Ronnie and Ricky have had early success this year. They always seem to step it up when it comes to the Jets. In the last prime time game between these two teams, the power duo combined for 228 total yards and 2 td’s. Meanwhile, the Jets duo doesn’t look to shabby either. LT looks to be running with something to prove (I did hear accusations of a small penis) and Shonn Greene is a promising young back. This game will certainly be a fun one to watch.


  1. Dude, the Dolphins had better win that game. I fucking hate the Jets.

  2. There is no evidence to suggest the Jets should win this game. It's at Miami, Revis is out. Edwards isn't starting, and the Fins D looks really good. I think it comes down to Miami's passing game. Can Henne win a game for them?

  3. Wow! Everyone was terribly wrong about the Niners. I at least thought they would win 8 games. I guess they still could, but that seems unlikely now. 1st round pick on a QB?