Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Posey to be called up soon…

I read various articles today about Posey being called up before the end of May.  This to me, is a good idea.  Simply put, the Giants offense is fucking shit right now.  Bring him up next week, fuck tomorrow would be fine.  Once he is called up the question will be, how much will he help this offense? Is he a better #2 hitter than Renteria?  At least we know the Giants management is finally seriously considering bringing him up, and not just sitting on this shitball offense.  I was all for these guys when they were putting up 6 runs per game the first week and a half, but it’s very hard to sit through a game when the starting pitching is this good and the hitting is this bad. The team era is 2.68 after 19 games, but before last night they were 5/55 with runners in scoring position in the previous 8 games.  Offense?  Maybe by the end of the month they will have some things figured out.  Rowand will be back, Posey called up, and Sanchez off the DL.  Then, we will see how the team looks.  Also, I wouldn’t be opposed to packaging Bumgarner and another prospect for a power hitting OF.
Posey article: http://bleacherreport.com/tb/b3Tkg

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  1. Posey up in June. He wont make a big enough impact in this lineup to justify not delaying free agency another year.

    Also when he gets brought up I dont see them sticking him at #2 too much pressure to put on a guy who is just being brought into the show.