Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Slugger Aaron Rowand Gets an Extra 15 Million For Running Into Wall

In the winter before the 2008 season, the Giants were looking for a spark. Ready to embark on the post-Bonds era, they were in need of a clubhouse leader and run producer. After scouring a weak free agent market, the Giants came across Aaron Rowand. Rowand was known around the league for being a good fielding, average hitting, piece of meat. Initial contract negotiations were slow, with the Giants offering Rowand a deal in the 5 yr, 45 million dollar range. A very modest sum. Rowand's camp declined for obvious reasons. Rowand was quoted, " Haven't they seen me dive into the wall? And my awesome stance?"

The Giants, being the more desperate side, decided to review some tape of Meat. Sabien and company were so enthralled by Rowand's intensity, and shear heart, they upped the offer another 15 million. The Giants were sure that Rowand would be yet another brilliant signing...

It's now 2010, year three of the Meat deal. Since his signing he has hit an average .263, with 28 dingers and averaged 67 RBI's. He is now slotted in the leadoff role, and has started the year 0-10 at the plate. Yes, it is early, but he has looked horrible at the dish so far. Looking back on the deal, it has become clear that Rowand's propensity to run himself into walls has been the basis for his extra fat contract. That said, it should at least be fun to watch Rowand squat at the plate, and run around in the outfield with no regard for his own well being.


  1. Update- In a 10-4 whooping of the Astros, Rowand went 4-6 with a triple, a run, and 2 RBI. He is now hitting .250 in his first three games.

  2. Rowand Watch
    This piece of meat seems to be turning things around at the plate early this season. Rowand hit a walk off single in the bottom of the 13th friday afternoon in a 5-4 victory against the Braves. The Giants are now 4-0 and off to their best start since 2002, and I will be at the game on sunday.

  3. Rowand watch:

    "As mentioned on Twitter and in the final game story, Aaron Rowand has two fractures in his left cheekbone along with a mild concussion after getting hit by a Vicente Padilla fastball in the fifth inning.

    Rowand hasn’t been placed on the DL yet. We know he’s a tough SOB, and part of me believes he’ll lobby to play with a broken face and one of those clear, NBA-type “Phantom of the Opera” masks. But smart money has him going on the DL."

    Thanks to Andrew Baggarly

  4. Rowand Watch

    The piece of meat is expected to miss 3-5 weeks thanks to Vicente Padilla and his soaking wet hair.